Hazhunt is committed for the dropped object prevention across all industry where life of human is at risk. We follow “Reliable Securing Rev 4” being the best practice recommendations for securing the tools and equipment at worksite. History of Dropped object in AL-QURAN (Chapter: 105 The Elephant) narrates an event where army of elephants was destroyed by small pebbles of hard clay dropped by flocks of birds. Within the oil & gas industry everyone is well familiar with the DROP HAZARD. The problem is common across all industry, sectors & discipline.

Hazhunt assist the organizations for


DROP ZONES with Risk Matrix

Drop Surveys, Inspection programs & Checklists

Administrative controls of maintenance work

Tethered tools kits

Primary & secondary retention of Dynamic dropped object

DROPPED OBJECT Awareness sessions


Calculator classifies the potential consequences of dropped object with mass against distance it falls. The small stones dropped by flocks of birds from height must have turned small clay stone into bullets making the elephant’s Army like eaten straw.